​​Somatic activation

Feel more like yourself. . .more courageous. . .more alive. . .more passion!

The intention of these sessions are to find relaxation from the everyday. To feel stillness and quiet within the mind and body. Somatic Activation is used to assist the body in releasing tension and opening the life force energy so that the participant experiences deep calm and peace. Once this is experienced it becomes easier to access relaxation and embody it in times of need, during everyday interactions and experiences.​

Somatic Activation is a hands-on bodywork where the participant lies face down initially (and then on their back) as the facilitator performs small, intermittent and gentle manipulations to the body and energetic pathways. These small manipulations are a reminder to the body of its natural intelligence and its inherent ability to heal and realign itself. 

Somatic Activation is a process that combines the practices of Reiki, Bowen Therapy and intuition. This process can be done in group and individual sessions. In individual sessions the facilitator leaves the body for a short period of time between manipulations and energetic adjustments. In the group sessions, the facilitator moves from person to person leaving the bodies between manipulations and energetic adjustments.  This is done so that the body will release tension and inflammation without interference from the facilitator. As a result, the body is reminded to activate its natural ability for true healing and whole body/mind relaxation without the influence of the facilitator.

Bowen Therapy - is a system of moves that challenges soft tissue, releases its congestion and stimulates energy flow, it relieves pain and inflammation, and is an overall tonic to the body's innate ability to heal itself. It's positive effects on nerve, muscle and connective tissue provides lasting relief from pain and misalignment in the simplest and most effective manner. For more than 40 years it has been used successfully to treat tens of thousands of people suffering from a huge variety of ailments. 
Many saying it is the most effective, long lasting and relaxing treatment they have ever experienced.

Reiki - an energy healing art that originates from Spirit, represented by symbols and attunements. It allows the channeling of Universal Life Force (Rei) through the power of unconditional love to restore one’s essence (Ki).
Rei: Source, Universal Spirit, God 
Ki: vitality, life force, chi, prana 
Universal Life Force Energy in its purest form.
Reiki works with all aspects of an individual: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. The treatment may include hands-on placement or the practitioner may choose to remain hands-off or they may choose to incorporate both. Reiki itself knows what the person needs...the practitioner has learned to follow the energy so that the client receives the best results.​

Group Sessions

Whenever 2 or more come together for the same intention an amplification of the healing effects occur. It becomes a collaborative environment for alignment to take place. The effects of the experience are intensified and it is for this reason Katrina feels that group sessions are the ideal for each individual.

Individual Sessions

​It is recommended that an individual book 4 sessions if they prefer to do an individual session. These sessions will be booked a week apart or according to the needs of the individual. 

One-on-one $120 (1hour)

4 Session Package $400 


Reconnect ~ reawaken ~ realign